Used Lexus IS in Escondido CA

Upgrade to a Used Lexus IS in Escondido

Lexus is a brand admired by many car shoppers around San Diego because they develop luxurious, classy, and attractive cars. As a result, most people dream of buying one of their mid-level luxury vehicles. So, if you love the Lexus IS, should you opt for a new one or a used one? Well, there are endless reasons why you should pick a pre-owned Lexus IS over a new one. Here is why buying a used Lexus IS near San Marcos, CA is worth it.

You have a Large Variety

When shopping for a used Lexus IS at Lexus Escondido, you have a wide selection to choose from, making it easy to find a vehicle that matches your budget and preference. A new Lexus model is relatively pricey to some drivers around Vista, CA, and we cannot argue a lot about this fact. Luckily, if you choose to buy a used one, the price will be reasonably affordable.

Avoid a High Depreciation

A new Lexus IS can lose up to 20% once you drive it off a dealership's lot. Worst of all, it can yield a further 10% in value in the first year. If you think about it logically, that's a lot of money lost. Fortunately, you can avoid this fiasco by opting for a used Lexus IS. You will not only escape the steep depreciation rate, but your newly acquired used vehicle will hold its value for an extended period

Get more for Your Investment

If you have a limited budget, it's challenging to find a new Lexus IS around Carlsbad with all the contemporary features you want in a car. A preowned Lexus IS, even one that's one or two years old, can let you get those features without breaking the bank.

As you can see above, buying a used Lexus IS around Escondido is the best route to follow. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy a lot more from your car than you would have if you opted for a new one and remained within your budget.

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