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For True Luxury and Thrilling Performance, Get Inside the New Lexus ES 350

The Lexus ES 350 is a striking midsize luxury sedan that has much to offer in the areas of comfort, performance, style, and amenities. The Lexus ES 350 catches your eye at first glance with its prominent front grille and many chrome accents. The Lexus has an upscale cabin and a comfortable ride quality, which have historically set it apart from the crowd and carry over to the latest model year. A balanced ride and sharp handling are other notable features of the midsize sedan. The ES 350 also has a comfortable cabin with plush upholstery and cutting-edge safety aids and technology.

Performance and Handling

The Lexus ES 350 has a performance-oriented drivetrain and sharp handling. The Lexus is powered by a six-cylinder engine, and it also has an automatic transmission. The ES 350 gets up to 302 horsepower from its engine, and its automatic transmission has eight speeds. Vista, CA area drivers will find that it has a responsive accelerator for superior speed and performance.

All-wheel drive is available for the Lexus to provide more traction and control on demand, and it also has a sport-tuned suspension system for a smoother ride and more control when you need predictable performance and power the most. An adaptive variable suspension system is also standard, and the ES 350 has one of the top fuel economy ratings in its class.

Safety Features

Along with performance, safety technology is another area where the Lexus stands out from the pack in the Carlsbad area. The ES 350 is one of the safest vehicles in its class due to the fact that it is equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.5. This safety suite has some of the most comprehensive sets of advanced safety aids on the market. The set includes a pre-collision detection and avoidance system with pedestrian detection, which sends a warning if a pedestrian or a vehicle is spotted ahead of your car. The system automatically engages the brakes if it senses that a collision is imminent.

Dynamic radar cruise control is another safety aid that San Marcos, CA area drivers can enjoy with the Lexus. This system monitors lane markers ahead and vehicles in front of the car to help you maintain a safe distance. Lane departure assist, which is another safety aid, helps detect if the car is moving out of its current lane without the driver using the turn signals.

Advanced Technology

For technology, the Lexus also achieves "Best-in-Class" ratings on many fronts. The Lexus comes with a new touchscreen interface. Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® are standard. This luxury Lexus also has a driver-centric cockpit that puts everything at the touch of the driver's fingers with a premium 12.3-inch multimedia display, which is one of the largest in the sedan's class.

Amazon Alexa is also included on the ES 350, and it provides you with access to the same long list of features you would get from the Alexa technology at home. You can also stream Amazon Music in your car, and the infotainment system is voice-controlled for convenience.

A panoramic mirror is another highlight of the Lexus, and it gives you a bird's eye view of your surroundings. A head-up driver's information system is available as well. This system has a 10.2-inch screen and the capacity to project key information onto the windshield such as the gear you are driving in, speed, and power information. This information can be connected to a Lexus app that helps start the car remotely, keep stats on your car, tell you if the doors are unlocked, and much more.

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