Applying touch up paint to your vehicle is a great way to keep it looking as good as possible. The better you take care of your car, the longer it will last, the better it will look and the better the resale value will be. Touching up your car with touch up paint is much easier than one might think, but it does involve a process. Our team at Lexus Escondido can give you a list of things to watch out for when touching up your car.

  • Make sure all rust is sanded so the area to be painted is smooth.
  • Using a primer is necessary if you are down to the bare metal after sanding.
  • The area to be painted should be masked off so you paint only that area.
  • The area to be primed or painted must be thoroughly washed and dried prior to priming and painting.
  • Taking the vehicle to the car wash afterwards is necessary to give it the final touchup.
  • Make sure the primed area is completely dry prior to putting on the paint. 



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