Drivers worry about friction’s effects on the transmission gears and engine parts. What about wear on the windshield wipers? The constant back-and-forth movement against glass does wear the rubber blades down. The sun also causes trouble by oxidizing the material. Such things are serious. Once the rubber on the windshield wipers becomes useless, a safety hazard emerges.

The minute you notice something wrong with your windshield wipers, it’s best to request an inspection. Perhaps you could ask a technician to check them every time you request service. If something is wrong, don’t get upset. The cost of replacing windshield wipers is usually nominal.

Remember, windshield wipers allow you to see through the glass. Any obstructions from the weather or dirt create hazards. If the windshield wiper rubber is damaged, then it needs to be replaced.

At Lexus Escondido, we can handle that type of work. Our service department in Escondido, CA specializes in all kinds of maintenance.

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