When it comes to a vehicle's braking system, most people focus on the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines. While these components are certainly important, there's another component of braking systems that's just as important but often gets overlooked: the brake pedal. Here are a few things that we at Lexus Escondido think you should know about malfunctioning brake pedals that will hopefully prevent you from getting into an accident.

One important thing to know about malfunctioning brake pedals is that the symptoms of a problematic pedal often match those of a malfunctioning brake line. Since the brake pedal is part of this system, this makes sense. Therefore, if you notice symptoms such as leaking brake fluid, a soft pedal, a burning smell, or you notice that your brake light is on as you drive around Escondido, CA, then it could be caused by a brake pedal that needs to be repaired.

You should also know that unlike other braking issues, a malfunctioning brake pedal tends to reveal itself over time. Since it's less exposed to the elements, a brake pedal doesn't collect rust that can lead to a catastrophic failure as can happen with the other elements in your braking system.

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