Choosing to invest in a high-end, world-class Lexus was easy. Now that you've made that choice, your friends at Lexus Escondido want to remind you that proper care and maintenance are the keys to keeping it running great for a long time. For the best service and impeccable expertise, we invite you to bring it back to the dealership and the people who know it best.

At our Auto Park Way dealership, we’re proud to be the Lexus dealer drivers near San Diego gravitate towards, and we want to continue serving you long after you've signed on the dotted line and taken your luxury vehicle home. That's where our trained and certified service center team comes in.

We provide premium service for your premium vehicle, and we maintain the highest standards in the materials and parts we use. This includes choosing Lexus synthetic oil for your oil changes. Go longer between oil changes and get the most out of every commute with this special type of oil change at our dealership.

Synthetic Oil Changes - Answers to Your Questions

You can trust our service team for all your oil change needs. If you have questions about whether or not your Lexus needs a synthetic oil change, or a traditional oil change, we have answers:

Q. What is synthetic oil?

A. Synthetic oil is a blended oil substance that begins its journey as conventional oil. It is specially engineered for high-end cars that are designed for performance and drivability.

Q. What makes synthetic oil different from conventional oil?

A. Because of the special way in which it's blended, synthetic oil has fewer impurities than traditional oil.

Q. How often do I need to get my oil changed with synthetic oil?

A. While a vehicle with traditional oil needs a change roughly every 3,000 miles, a vehicle with synthetic oil can go up to 15,000 miles, depending on make and model.

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Learn more about all the ways our team goes above and beyond to help San Diego drivers shop for and maintain their favorite Lexus vehicles. Visit us at our conveniently located Auto Park Way dealership soon.

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